Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) involves teaching a subject through the medium of a language other than that normally used.

immagine traduzione

Teachers working with CLIL

Teachers working with CLIL are specialists in their own discipline rather than traditional language teachers. They are usually fluent speakers of the target language, bilingual or native speakers.

The key issue is that the learner is gaining new knowledge about the ‘non-language’ subject while encountering, using and learning the foreign language.

The methodologies and approaches used are often link ed to the subject area with the content leading the activities.


Benefits of CLIL

  • builds intercultural knowledge and understanding
  • develops intercultural communication skills
  • improves language competence and oral communication skills
  • develops multilingual interests and attitudes
  • allows learners more contact with the target language
  • complements other subjects rather than competes with them
  • increases learners’ motivation and confidence in both the language and the subject being taught


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